A Rifle Range for Beginners and Advanced Target Shooters



Located in the Scenic Gyp Hills of South Central Kansas. The "Twin Peaks" is a Kansas Monument.


Our Shooting Range has Private Membership Access Only. Get to know our members and feel the comradeship of the shooting community.


Twin Peaks Rifle Club offers over 100 AR500 steel targets located on several different firing lanes. Challenging wind conditions, because of the array of valleys, creates fun target engagements.



Precision Rifle Range

We are a 1000 yard Precision Rifle Range located in the Scenic Gyp Hills of South Central KS. We have over 100 AR500 steel targets (most being animal silhouettes) ranging from 300 yards to just under 1100 yards on several different shooting lanes. We also have Paper targets inside of 200 yards for checking zero's and testing load development.

Precision Rifle Training

We've partnered with some of the best in the industry when it comes to Long Range Rifle Training. Many of the instructors have former Military Sniper Experience as well as being Nationally Known
PRS/NRL Rifle Competitors.

Precision Rifle Competitions

We host Practical Precision Rifle competitions that can be challenging for advanced shooters yet fun for beginners. We're affiliated with the KPRC(Kansas Precision Rifle Club), the PRS(Precision Rifle Series), and the NRL(National Rifle League).