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Long Range Advanced Class (LR2)

The Precision Long Range Course 2 will expand on the basics you learned during LR 1. Our LR 2 will focus on locating, ranging, and engaging unknown distance targets, developing an enhanced understanding of wind, shooter/spotter team communications, alternate shooting positions, and gain the confidence to make those difficult shots.

With focus on the range estimation formula and the ability to practice range estimation on live targets, LR 2 will give you the comfort knowing that if your batteries die, you can still range and engage your target with confidence.

LR 2 breaks away from the comfort of the firing line and puts some stress into your shots. Working with a partner to locate, range, and engage your targets under time will build on your Long Range Foundation built in LR 1.


Items needed for the course:


Rifle capable of 1 moa (on paper at 100yds preferrably)

Rifle Scope (preferrably a mildot style reticle – duplex reticle not recommended)

400 rds of quality ammunition – reloads are allowed

Cleaning Kit

Shooting mat (if preferred) – One will be provided

Rear bags (Sand Socks) – We have some available to use

Eye/Ear Protection

Storage Clipboard (Data book will be provided)

Appropriate range clothing (weather dependent)

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Ryan Molz